Meia Lua

To silently roam through the undergrowth or just to have fun. That's what our ultra-short bows are built for. The "Meia Lua" bows impress with their shortness. With a draw length of 30 inches, it is possible for us to build a bow that is no longer than 44 inches, but which you can still draw until full draw length without experiencing any stacking. Unlike with other manufacturers' bows, the principle "The smaller the more bitchy!" does not apply here. Our shortbows are very comfortable to shoot and even newcomers are pleased with these small "fun devices". Nevertheless, the "little ones" have it all. A carbon-backed Meia Lua can also accelerate arrows up to 200 fps. Bow stringers are a thing of the past with Meia-Luas. All our short bows can and may be braced comfortably with a traditional "bracing technique" between one's legs


A blue version of my "Meia-Lua"-bows with a shellac finish

Little Moose

A lefthand version of the "Meia Lua". In classical outfit with fingergrooves. For the optical "kick" the palmrest has been given a lacing from bast fibre.

Poison Ivy

A bilious green "Meia-Lua". Build for a young lady.

This ergonomic handle. Made with a hand-model.