The original shape of the bow convinces by a very calm shot characteristic and soft draw. By using high-tech materials, it is also possible to accelerate arrows beyond 200 fps, yet still own a bow following the tradition of archery. With a longbow you always cut a fine figure... be it on the shooting range, the 3D course or to have an authentic appearance on a medieval market.


A very compfortable bow with a "soft"-drawweight of 35 pounds. Ergonomic handle a beautyfull "colorfade" on the back.

Flaming Moe

A classical longbow for advanced beginners in archery. Through slight alterations in the makeup of the limbs this becomes a veritable "Missilelauncher". A very nice shooting feeling and a very comfortable handle.


A bow with a very comfortable handle. Ergonomic actionwood handle thanks to its thin metal core. Very smooth draw and comfortably to shoot.


A bow classic as classic can be. Straight, perfect D-shape, no arrowrest.

Can be shooten with left and right hand.
A bow for practice and/or young archers


A Longbow with classic D-shape. Build for shooting on IFAA-tournaments. This bow have a linear draw-force and because of high-tec-carbon he shoots even wooden-arrows fast as hell.


This is a really fast bow I made for a friend on mine! He`s going to shoot that bow in the german bowhunter-league. Made to launch wooden arrows with maximum speed and precision.