The symbiosis of the performance of a recurve bow with the stability of a long bow. Due to the reflex construction of this type of bow, arrow speeds beyond 200 fps are no problem. Slim limbs and low weight ensure a smooth shot and fast arrow flight. The perfect bow for demanding archers performing 3D-archery.


A very thin bow with a big drawlenght (31,5 inch). This one has a "colorfade" an the belly and a very sharp "build-in"-knife


This bow is something really special. Its new owner insisted on having a recurves arrowrest mounted on his bow. Said and done.An eye catching short and fast hybrid.


At the wish of a customer, a compound bows bowquiver was installed on the spalted maple handle.

Poison Snake

The first "serial bow" with my newly devloped "Armoury-Carb". This bow fascinates through its linear draw curve and its many little, technical details.


A short hybrid with heavy middle part. Centercut. Extremly steady and good-natured. A classical "Target bow". The flame isn`an inlay but worked completly through the handle.


Glow in the dark, short, long draw, build at the limit! This bow was made for a customer who already owned a bow from my "Blackline" series. Budget, drawlength and weight were given, the rest was for me to decide.