Full Custom

Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. That is why each of our "full custom bows" from the design of the riser to the smallest detail is tailored directly to the individual requirements of each customer. This results in bows that are difficult to fit into a particular scheme, and which give envious looks at every tournament. Here everything is possible!


A asymetric build "lefty"

The upper is 3 inch longer then the lower on. This bow was a "training" for a very cool project (laminated Yumi-bow... "full custom").

Tactical Edition V1

The "upper end" of my "Meia-Lua"-Bows.

A stunning two-piece-Takedown with 3 matching takedown-arrows in a original box from the german-army.


A very light bow with a tiny but razorsharp knife

On the backside this bow have 0.8 mm Carbonbacking and colored bamboo under transparent glass on belly.